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Ruqayyah Manami Mame Abigail Hayley leiomy

“Having agency means it’s my world, I’m making my own way, and I got this. Recognizing my own personal power and right to be, without apology or compromise– agency is power.”

“I’m currently working on creating inclusive and educational media for an online audience that embraces color, difference, and comedy. Trying to help us all laugh through life.”

“Having agency means you have someone who understands your work in the way you want people to see yourself.”

“I am working on a new project including my poems and singing.”

“My agency has afforded me everything I have. I’m not one to do something I don’t want to do; I rarely allow myself to settle for any situation, and that has lead me to become the artist I am now.

“I’m currently working on producing a small stage show set to the music of Lesley Gore, along with a horror film web series.”

“Having agency means owning your ability to personalize your destiny. We make thousands of small choices every day that add up, becoming nodes in the shape of our lives. Taking ownership and becoming accountable choices is what makes agency so powerful. It’s not a matter of ability, but a matter of conviction: will you own your future or not?”

“Right now I am working on my tan and a plan for how to best utilize this year while Jupiter is in Virgo.”

“Having agency means ‘owning it’ while fueling the fire under your ass.”

“I’m currently working on astrology-themed illustrations for my series Hirsute Heroines, and preparing to open Bushwick’s first queer/feminist sex-positive pop up shop this Fall.”

“Having agency is being in total control of your actions in life. Having total control of which path you want to take without fear of the results. Being able to choose the events that happen in your own future.”

“I’m teaching weekly in New York and also traveling– teaching and performing throughout Europe and Asia. Sharing my talent and knowledge of how the ballroom scene began and how it has influenced my life and career. I’m working on a one-woman show in which I will be showcasing all my talents.”







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